Additive Manufacturing Meets High Performance

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The requirements for Aerospace applications are extremely demanding: lightweight yet resistant to high temperatures, high loads, flames and corrosive chemicals. 

Learn how Orion AM's technology can stand up to the test.
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 Bio-compatible, X-ray friendly polymers like PEEK are commonly used to replace titanium implants.

3D Printing with these materials is opening the door to a new world of patient specific implants that are high customized to each patient's needs. 

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Few engineering-grade polymers offer the dielectric strength as that of Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone. 

Learn how this high performance polymer is utilized in Additive Manufacturing to speed innovation the electronics industry.

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ULTEM and PC (polycarbonate) are helping race teams out-perform their fiercest competitors.

Learn how Additive Manufacturing is accelerating development and increasing efficiency in motorsports