High performance polymers - 3D printing - thermoplastics


PEI or ULTEM™ has excellent strength, thermal stability, and meets FAR 25.853 and OSU 65/65 with low toxicity, smoke, and flame evolution.

ULTEM technical  description:

Tensile Strength: 47 MPa
Tensile Modulus: 2.15 GPa
HDT: 153 °C
IZOD Impact, Notched:128 J/m

High performance polymers - 3D printing - thermoplastics


PEEK is as strong as metal and has excellent mechanical and thermal resistance up to 260 °C. This organic polymer is resistant to dissolving in oils and other substances, unlike most other plastics.

PEEK technical  description:

Tensile Strength: 98 MPa
Tensile Modulus: 4.0 GPa
HDT: 152 °C

Thermal Radiation heating technology


PPSU is a high-temperature, chemical-resistant polymer that provides a lower cost alternative to PEEK and ULTEM.

PPSU technical  description:

Tensile Strength: 55 MPa
Tensile Modulus: 2.1 GPa
HDT: 230°C
IZOD Impact, Notched: 58.7 J/m

Cubesats PEEK satellite reduce mass lightweight part


PEEK (poly-ether-ether-ketone) is a high strength, temperature resistant, chemically resistant, inert thermoplastic used in various engineering applications, from aerospace and medical. It is also used as a lightweight substitute to replace metals parts for mass reduction.

Orion AM's patent-pending Thermal Radiation Heating technology helps get the most benefit from these material properties by increasing interlayer bonding and crystallinity. This results high strength parts for end-use applications.


Key benefits of PEEK

Radiation & chemical resistant

Withstands high temperatures

Superior strength-to-weight ratio


Low water absorption